About KORO

KORO’s main purpose is to ensure that as many people as possible are able to experience high quality art in public spaces both indoors and outdoors nationwide. We fulfil this purpose by producing, managing and mediating art projects at schools, universities, political institutions, courtrooms, office buildings, prisons, cultural centres, railway stations, health and care institutions, military camps, town halls, governmental buildings, asylum centres, embassies and other public facilities. In addition, we bring art to outdoor spaces, where the artists’ expressions form part of the general exchange of opinion, identity formation and management of memorials.

This publicly displayed art is available to a large number of persons as it is displayed in areas where there is a general thoroughfare. Information and communication are extremely important aspects of KORO’s work, and are essential in order to ensure that these works of art are not only available to the general public but can also be interpreted by as many as possible. By enhancing knowledge of art, we boost interest in both Norwegian and international artists and increase the diversity of expressions and impressions within contemporary art.

KORO has principal management responsibility for the Norwegian government’s collection of art in public spaces. The collection comprises around 8,000 works of art that are on display in a total of 920 different places in Norway and at Norwegian embassies and consulates abroad. This management responsibility requires close cooperation between KORO and the numerous institutions that display our works of art.

Given the vast scope of work involved in the production, mediation and management of art, KORO is a major employer for artists, curators, producers and art consultants. Both the production and the management of art for buildings and public spaces require specialised expertise. KORO offers training to develop expertise and a professional network for relevant professional groups. We also organise lectures and workshops, and produce a number of publications.


The English website of koro.no is currently under construction.

For questions about production, please contact Nora Ceciliedatter Nerdrum. For press inquiries, please contact Åsne Hjukse. For inquries about collection management, please contact Astri Spiten Grønlie.