Outi Pieski’s textile installation Leagi vuoigna / Spirit of the Valley at The Sami Parlament in Karasjok. Photo: Trond A. Isaksen 

Who are KORO

KORO is responsible for production, collection managment and public-engagement activities relating to art in public buildings and other public settings. Our collection of artworks is accessible at around 1000 sites in Norway and abroad.

KORO produces and funds art for public spaces throughout Norway and at Norwegian consulates and embassies abroad. We conduct collection management and public-engagement activities relating to a large collection of artworks throughout Norway. All the artworks share the characteristic of being publicly accessible. In addition, KORO fulfils its role as the national knowledge centre within its field.

Our role within Norwegian cultural policy is to ensure that as many people as possible encounter a diverse range of high-quality artworks in public buildings and other public spaces. The work of KORO is also intended to contribute to the development of contemporary art and provide artists with commissions and incomes. Our professional activities are conducted according to arm’s-length principles.  

Our ambition is to reach out to everyone, including people who do not usually visit galleries and art museums. In furtherance of this aim, we install art in places that people pass through and where they spend time. The results of our efforts should be works that the public, our commissioners and actors in the arts cannot be indifferent about. Our remit is to install art that is universally accessible, but not necessarily with universal appeal. The resulting area of tension is where the significance of the artworks emerges and where KORO contributes to setting the artistic agenda. Every year, KORO provides funding for a large number of projects throughout Norway.

KORO is a subordinate agency of the Ministry of Culture. Our offices are located at Victoria Terrasse in the centre of Oslo. Each year we award commissions to a large number of artists and curators.