The art project Mågå is one of numerous projects that has received funding from KORO. Photo: KORO. Photo: Maria Drangeid.

Project funding from the Art Programme for Local Communities

The role of KORO – Public Art Norway is to ensure that as many people as possible encounter a diverse range of high-quality artworks in public buildings and other public settings. In addition, KORO should contribute to the development of contemporary art and provide artists with commisions and incomes.

The Art Programme for Local Communities is designed to stimulate the production and interpretation of public art projects and to contribute to developments within the field of public art. 

In the artistic evaluation of all applications, emphasis will also be attached to each project’s potential to encourage more people to participate in art and culture, regardless of dwelling place and cultural, social or economic background.
Application deadline for 2023 was 1 February.

Production funding for artists and curators

This production funding is intended to stimulate freedom of artistic expression in public spaces and to develop the field of public art.
KORO supports projects that involve artistic, structural or other forms of complexity or risk. We also encourage applications for projects that bring together different fields or disciplines, or that in another way generate new knowledge and develop the field of public art.
KORO also provides advice subject to agreement and in certain cases, practical assistance with project production. Applications are also accepted for funding for feasibility studies/pilot projects.
Who can apply: Artists and curators.

Project funding for municipalities and county councils

Project funding must contribute to the development and realization of innovative art projects, artist collaborations and art programmes run under the auspices of municipalities and county councils. We support projects with high artistic ambitions that build competence that has high transferrable value. Subject to agreement, KORO can also provide advice.

As part of the same programme, KORO has established a network for municipalities and county councils that work with art in connection with urban and place development. Recipients of funding for such projects will be eligible to participate in this network.
In general, projects conducted by municipalities and county councils must be at least 50 % funded by the relevant municipality or county council. This requirement can be waived in exceptional circumstances.
Who can apply: municipalities and county councils.

Funding for professional development
These grants must be used to assist with the implementation of competence-enhancing measures (e.g., lectures, courses, conferences, and publications) for artists and curators, and local and regional actors within the field of public art. KORO sees it as an advantage if the measure is organized by an art centre or an art institution, and municipalities and county councils in collaboration. When assessing applications, weight will be attached to local needs, professional standard, and the amount of transferable value to others involved in the field of public art.
Who can apply: Participants in the field of public art, artists and curators.

In general, KORO does not provide funding for:

– projects that have already started or ended
-covering deficits
-the production of museum projects
-art projects that are not publicly accessible
-art productions outside Norway
-applicants who have failed to comply with reporting requirements relating to previous funding
-ongoing projects that have already obtained funding from the same programme