The art project Mågå is one of numerous projects that has received funding from KORO. Photo: KORO. Photo: Hanne Nygaard

Apply for support from the Local Communities Programme – Funding and assistance for public art projects

Apply for project funding and production assistance from KORO’s Local Communities Programme. Deadline for 2024 was February 1.

The scheme aims to stimulate the production of art projects in public spaces and to contribute to professional development in the field, locally, regionally and nationally. 

We support projects with high artistic and professional ambitions that build expertise and new knowledge, with relevance on a national and international level. 

The scheme supports all types of artistic practice in public spaces, particularly those that enhance public discourse and that contribute to increased diversity of artistic expressions and forms of production. We are especially open to projects that show a willingness to experiment and innovate. 

We also support projects that link different professional fields and disciplines, including art projects connected to urban development and placemaking processes. 

Funding can be allocated for the production of art projects in public spaces and for pre-projects/project development (maximum application amount for pre-projects is NOK 100 000). 

Who can apply for the scheme: 

  • Artists 
  • Curators 
  • Municipalities 
  • Counties 

Municipalities and counties must involve relevant artistic expertise in the preparation of their applications. 

Curatorial and Producer Support from KORO 

Support from a producer and/or curator affiliated with KORO can be sought through the program. Examples of what a producer/curator from KORO can provide include: 

  • Establishing contact with relevant collaborators 
  • Practical advice on the production of art projects in public spaces 
  • Professional dialogue during the project development phase 
  • Support in generating public engagement and discourse  
  • Planning and programming of side events 

The producer and curator from KORO assists multiple projects simultaneously, and allocations are based on available capacity in KORO. The use of allocated producer/curator support is specified and agreed upon in each individual case in dialogue with the recipient. 


There are no absolute requirements for self-financing in projects carried out by artists or curators. However, KORO normally does not fully finance projects. 

Projects conducted by municipalities and counties should have a minimum level of self-financing of 50%. This requirement can be waived in special cases. The allocation of own staff may be counted in lieu of self-financing in the project budget. 

Expertise and knowledge development projects 

Support can also be granted for projects that promote the development of expertise and new knowledge in the field of art in public spaces. The expertise and knowledge development scheme is primarily aimed at professionals at regional and local levels. 

Examples of eligible activities include lectures, courses, conferences, and publications. In the assessment of applications, the following are taken into account: Local needs; level of professionalism and relevance for other actors in the field. 

Artists, curators, municipalities and counties, art centers and other actors in the field of art in public spaces, may apply.  

KORO has established a network for municipalities and county councils working on art projects related to urban development processes. Applicants receiving grants for such projects can be eligible for participation in this network. 

Generally, funding will not be granted for: 

  • Projects that fall outside the scheme’s purpose 
  • Projects receiving support from other Norwegian state funds 
  • Operating expenses 
  • Covering deficits 
  • Residencies and travel expenses 
  • Projects organized by art institutions or museums receiving support from Norwegian state agencies
  • Art productions that are not publicly accessible 
  • Art productions outside Norway 
  • Applicants who have not submitted final reports for previously funded projects 
  • Student projects

As a rule, KORO does not support projects that only take place abroad. For support for such projects, please contact the Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA) and Norwegian Crafts

All applicants will receive a written reply from KORO. Grant recipients for 2024 will be published on